Family Photoshoot Price List & Packages in Bangalore

Family Photoshoot price list & Packages in Bangalore:

This article will discuss what you should do to get the best family portraits, packages and family photoshoot price list. Read this article till the end to get complete information.

Family is not just a word; it becomes everything for you at a specific age and time. You’ll find nothing more loving and caring than your family. Spending some beautiful time with your family creates beautiful movements, and taking pictures of these movements makes them memorable for a lifetime.

Family Photoshoot Price

Whatever we do, we do it for our family; we do it to make our family happy; whether you are at an important meeting or out of town, the one thing which we think about all the time is family. Now, calling them several times whenever you think of them is not good. That is why people keep an image of their family on the office desktop or in their wallets.

Clicking some images while spending quality time with your family saves those memories alive forever! Through these images, you can recall some beautiful movements of your life. Spending a lovely time with your family and simultaneously clicking the photos is frustrating.

But hiring a photographer and telling them to capture these beautiful images is something you can do. Book a professional photographer to cache your beautiful family Portraits, and cherish those moments forever. You can find the family photoshoot price list and packages in Bangalore. Call them and look for the package based on your budget. However, it’s always worth booking a professional photographer and spending for the family, as you carry your memories with you forever.

Things to do on a family Photoshoot:

Be natural

The first and best tip for getting beautiful images with your family is that you should stay natural. Staying natural brings emotion to the picture. Just doing what your photographer tells you, such as posing like this, smiling, seeing on that side, seeing on the camera lens, doesn’t make your photos unforgettable.

Go where you and your family enjoy going, play with your kid, and make some beautiful memories. Just think that you are not at a family photo shoot; you are spending quality time with your family on vacation. When you do this automatically, you will get more amazing images than expected.

A professional photographer is smart enough to capture every single beautiful movement. You don’t have to tell them when to take the photo. They are well trained and know how and when to click images.

Try doing an outdoor Family Photography

For many people, the family photoshoot means taking photos with the family at home or at the studio. This is also a good choice, but an outdoor photoshoot provides a wide range of images.

You have to sit on the sofa at home or in the studio with your family for a few minutes and then get your photo. This photoshoot is suitable for families who feel awkward doing poses or taking pictures in public places. But this might not give you the satisfaction that outdoor photoshoots do.

Doing an outdoor photography session provides pictures with real emotions. It helps photographers to take more and more quality images at various places. You can photograph outdoors at a park, beach, or tourist spot.

Get outfit suggestions from your photographer

In every type of image, whether you are taking pictures with your family or alone, the one thing which matters is your outfit. For every photoshoot, there are various outfits suggested by professional photographers. You can choose an outfit on your own, but if you are confused, you can take suggestions from your photographer.

The Bangalore photographers are a team of professional photographers.  We offer various services ranging from family events like weddings and reunions to commercial products. Hiring a team of professional photographers not only helps you in suggesting suitable outfits but also guarantees you of getting quality pictures. If you want to know more about Bangalore photographers, you can visit their official website,, or you can contact them at +91 80 7373 9948. Do not worry about family photoshoot prices and packages, we can provide you with the best quote and quality assured.

Family Photoshoot Price list and packages in Bangalore

Please find the Family Photoshoot price list as below:

Basic Package Classic Package Premium Package
Rs 5,000 Rs 7,000 Rs 14,000
1 hrs Shoot 2 hrs Shoot 4 hrs Shoot
All Soft Copies
10 Edited images
All Soft Copies
20 Edited images
All Soft Copies
35 Edited images
Album 9×24 – 15 Sheets



While doing a family photo shoot, it becomes mandatory to hire a professional photographer with technical and social skills. Using this skill, a photographer can easily take quality images that a client expects. If you don’t have any contacts with a professional photographer in Bangalore, then without wasting any time, you should hire Bangalore photographers.

Hope this article has helped you to know the family photoshoot price and packages in Bangalore and ideas to plan your Family photoshoot.


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