Event Photography Packages & Price list in Bangalore

Event Photography Packages and Price List in Bangalore:

Are you looking for a professional event photographer for the upcoming Event? Not aware of the current markets Event Photography Packages & Price list in Bangalore?

In this article, I will share some benefits you will get from hiring an event photographer with the help of Event photography packages and price lists in Bangalore. Not only this, but we will also discuss how to hire a professional event photographer.

Because of the upgradation in technology, everyone is a photographer; everyone has a smartphone with excellent cameras. Today, every mobile manufacturing company focuses more and more on providing high-quality cameras for budget phones. But, there is a massive difference between being a phone photographer and a professional photographer.

On smartphones, you can capture basic quality images. Still, if you hire a professional photographer, you will get a massive difference between your smartphone’s images and those taken by a professional photographer. If your event is small, it is good not to hire a photographer. But if your event is big, hiring a professional photographer is mandatory. Following are some benefits which you will get for hiring a professional photographer with the help of standard Event photography packages that are currently running in the market.

Benefits of hiring a professional event photographer:

At small events, the guests are fewer because of which your workload will also be less. Because of less workload, you will have time for taking pictures on your smartphone, but if the event is big, the workload will be higher, and you will not get any time for clicking pictures. That is why it is better to hire a professional event photographer. The price of the photographer will depend on the Event Photography Packages you choose, based on the area of the coverage and numbers of photographers or the equipment required like drones, high definition cameras and etc.

Event Photography Package

Event Photography- Corporate Meet

Another benefit of hiring a professional photographer is that professional photographers are aware of what to look at during the events. They know their work, what to see in the event, what to capture and how to capture perfect pictures. Before the event starts, you should give the photographer a complete overview of your event so they can plan how and when to capture the images.

Every professional person has to maintain their reputation by providing quality work. Like this event, photographers must also maintain their reputation by delivering quality pictures. If you take photos with the help of your phone, then there are huge chances that while you click pictures, your battery will be dead, or the images you clicked can be deleted accidentally.

If you hire a professional photographer, it becomes their responsibility to provide you with the best quality images without making excuses. If something unexpected happens, like the camera stops working or the battery dies, they also have a backup. They are supposed to have a backup of everything as part of professionalism; you don’t have to worry about your pictures; you will get that on time.

Another benefit of hiring a professional event photographer is that they capture everything. They do not just set their setup at one place; they roam all over the event to capture every movement of the event.

How to hire a professional event photographer?

Hiring a professional photographer becomes a bit tedious job. Generally, people forget about hiring a photographer; some days before the event, they search for the best event photographer and ultimately hire an unprofessional photographer. That is why while organizing an event, it is better to start looking for a professional event photographer a week before the event.

Event Photography Package

Event Photography – GE Conference shoot

While hiring a professional event photographer, you should first check their previous work. By checking their previous work, you will know what type of work you will get by hiring them. If you get satisfied with their work, there is no doubt about hiring them, but if you are not satisfied with their previous work, it is better to look for another photographer. Most importantly you have to check the Event Photography package that is running in the market. As price and professional photographers go hand in hand.

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Event Photography Packages & Price lists in Bangalore:

Please find the standard Event Photography packages that are currently running in the market:

Basic Package Classic Package Premium Package
Rs 3,000 Rs 5,000 Rs 12,000
1 hrs Shoot 2 hrs Shoot 4-5 hrs Shoot
All Soft copies edited
(Basic edited)
All Soft copies
(Basic edited)
All Soft Copies
12×30- 15 Sheets(100 Photos)


Hiring a professional photographer is a bit tedious work if you don’t know how to hire them. I hope this article has helped you in hiring an event photographer. And also the information on standard Event Photography packages in Bangalore.

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