How much does a professional photographer cost per hour

A Professional Photographer is a must for every event or any moment to capture. When we want to hire the Best Photographer, first we will think about how much a professional Photographer costs per hour. So in this article, we’ll discuss the photographer costs, factors influencing photographer rates, etc.

Factors Influencing Professional Photographers Cost:

Experience and Skills:

Photographers who’ve been in this profession for a while and have an impressive portfolio often charge more. Their expertise usually translates into top-notch images.


Different photographers focus on different things like weddings, portraits, events, or commercial work. Those with specialized skills in a specific area might charge a bit more.

Location Matters:

Where the photographer is based matters. In big cities like Bangalore where the cost of living is higher, you might find photographers charging more compared to smaller towns.

Tech and Equipment:

Professional-grade cameras, lenses, lighting gear, and editing software contribute to the overall cost. Photographers who invest in quality equipment may charge a bit extra.

Before and After the Shoot:

Planning, location scouting, and post-shoot editing time are often part of the deal. A photographer’s commitment to delivering a polished final product may impact their pricing.

Market Demand:

If a photographer is in high demand, they might charge more. Popular photographers with a strong brand presence often come with a premium price tag.

Average Hourly Rates:

How much does a professional photographer cost per hour? :

Entry Level Photographers:

Beginners might charge between 4000 to 6000 per hour as they’re building up their experience and portfolio.

Intermediate Level:

Those with a bit more experience and a decent portfolio may charge between 6000 to 8000 per hour.

Seasoned Professionals:

Established photographers, especially in a buzzing city like Bangalore, may charge upwards of 10000 per hour, sometimes even reaching 12000 or more.

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Understanding the factors influencing the cost of hiring a Professional photographer by the hour in Bangalore empowers you to make informed decisions. Whether it’s capturing special moments or promoting your business, the investment in a skilled photographer often pays off. Contact Bangalore Photographers today for all types of photography services.


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