Post Wedding Photoshoot Price List & Packages, Bangalore

This article is about the importance of Post wedding Shoot, Post Wedding photography Price lists and Packages.

Post Wedding Photoshoot Price List And Packages in Bangalore

There are two types of wedding photography done before and after the wedding. The photo session before the wedding is known as pre wedding photoshoot. People usually do this session to get more comfortable in front of the camera. A photo session that is done after a wedding is known as post wedding photoshoot. In this article, we will talk about some benefits of the post wedding photoshoot, post wedding photoshoot price lists and packages.

Post wedding photoshoot is nothing but a beautiful opportunity of capturing some romantic shoots with your love. There are several benefits of post wedding photography because couples usually prefer post wedding photoshoot over pre wedding photoshoot.

Post Wedding Photoshoot price

Post Wedding Photoshoot

Whenever you are at a wedding, whether it’s your friend’s or your relative’s wedding, you have heard the most common words the groom or the bride says after the wedding session. Ohh, the day went by too fast, OMG! I blinked, and the day was over. People post-wedding photoshoots after the day, some weeks after the wedding, or sometimes after a year to make this wedding more memorable.

In this article, we will cover some benefits you will get from doing a post wedding photoshoot. The main thing in any photo shoot is a professional photographer. That is why in this post, we will also recommend the best and most professional photographer who will help you save time and money with the help of post wedding photoshoot price list.

Benefits of Post Wedding Photoshoot:

Following are some benefits of getting a post wedding photo session:

Get a chance to wear your wedding dress again:

Getting a chance to wear your wedding dress is the first benefit you will get from doing a post wedding photoshoot. After spending a lot of time and money selecting a dress, wearing it for a few hours is just a waste of your efforts and money. Post wedding photoshoot is the best excuse to wear your wedding dress again.

Most wedding dresses are used only once, and after using that expensive dress for a day, the dress starts collecting dust in the storeroom. By doing a post wedding photoshoot, you can wear your wedding dress again proudly as you had worn it on your wedding day.

No time limit:

There is no time limit on post wedding photoshoot as on the wedding day. On the wedding day, you get very little time to click photos with your loved ones because as the wedding program starts, all the relatives and guests start telling your photographer to click their pictures. Only a few minutes before and after the wedding is the time you can click photos without anyone’s interruption.

To get more beautiful pictures, a post wedding photoshoot is the best. There is no time limit for clicking photos. No guest will interrupt you or your photographers while clicking some pictures. To get some beautiful images, couples prefer a post wedding photoshoot.

Choose a place as per your desire:

Many people choose their wedding venue for their post wedding photoshoot, but clicking images in the same place is something that everyone doesn’t like. Many people prefer the place where they have met each other for the first time. That place can be a beach or any park. It’s up to you where you want to click your photos; you can click them there.

If you are confused about where to click images, you should ask your photographer to suggest some best post wedding photoshoot venues. Professional photographers are well aware of the best places where you can do your post wedding photoshoot.

Get better photos

On the wedding day, there is a lot of pressure on photographers to take pictures post wedding photoshoot sessions. On the wedding day, there is a lot of pressure on photographers. There are hundreds of guests for whom photographers have to take pictures. It’s not about taking pictures; it’s about taking perfect pictures of them. Taking excellent photos under this pressure can only be done by professional photographers.

That is why it is better to get post wedding photoshoot where there is no pressure on the photographer. No pressure on photographers results in getting quality and perfect photos. If you don’t know any professional photographers in Bangalore, then you should book Bangalore photographers without thinking much about their work. Bangalore photographers are a team of professional photographers who offer various photoshoot services. Contact them on +91 80 7373 9948, or you can visit their official website, Bangalore Photographers.

Post Wedding Post Wedding Photoshoot Price lists and Packages in Bangalore:

Please find the post wedding photoshoot price list that is currently running in Bangalore:

Shoot Duration 1 Hour
Deliverables All Soft Copies
10 Edited images
Shoot Duration 1 Hour
Deliverables 1 Min
Save the date video


Shoot Duration 2 Hours
Deliverables All Soft Copies
20 Edited images
Shoot Duration 2 Hours
Deliverables 2 Mins
Highlights Video


Shoot Duration 4-5 Hours
Deliverables All Soft Copies
35 Edited images
Album 9×24 – 15 sheets
Shoot Duration 4-5 Hours
Deliverables 3-4 Mins
Song shoot video with Drone


Hope this article is of assistance and covered some benefits of getting post-wedding photoshoot with post wedding photoshoot price list and packages to recreate your wedding’s beautiful movements again. Hire Bangalore photographers to bring quality and perfect pictures of your post wedding shot.

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