Newborn Photography price list & packages in Bangalore

Newborn Photography Price list | Packages in Bangalore

Nowadays, Newborn photography has become a trend. Let us understand how important is baby photography and also learn about the newborn photography price and package, and about the photographer in this article.

Newborn Photography price

Having a baby is one of the best blessings for new couples. The baby’s first year is one of the most critical for the child and the couple. Couples should capture every unique movement to make this year more memorable. 

Everyone’s childhood is memorable, but we are unaware of how time flies. Those tiny hands and tiny feet, cute and small lips, and a beautiful smile while having a sleep are some of the most attractive features of a newborn baby. 

Every parent wants to do a newborn photo session. But the main thing is preparation. Before doing a newborn baby photography session, you should prepare suitably for that session and make proper arrangements for the photography. You must work before the baby photography session to get perfect and cute pictures of your baby without any tension or stress. Read this article until the end to know every tip you can use to get perfect newborn baby photos with the knowledge of newborn photography price list and packages in Bangalore. 

Things to do before the newborn photography session:

Following are some tips which will help you in the preparation for the photo session with the information on the newborn photography price list and packages:


Timing plays a significant role in newborn photo sessions. The earlier you do this session, the better your results. The best thing you can do is contact the photographer who will do this session before your baby’s arrival. This will help you book the session earlier; as the baby arrives within 5 – 10 days, you can easily do your session without any stress and tension. 

The first 5 – 10 days after birth are the most sleepy for babies. If you want your session to be done without stress, then you should do your baby photography session within these ten days.

Keep your baby awake before the session 

This is the best advice for getting cute sleepy pictures of your baby. These tips will not only help you in getting cute pictures of your baby, but they will also help you in getting a stress-free photography session. Keep your baby awake for 1 – 2 hours before the session, give them a hot shower this will make your baby tired and sleepy during the session. 

Feed your baby before the session 

An empty stomach results in anger; it is better to feed your baby before you start the photography session. The best thing you can do is provide your baby before the 30 minutes of the session. If you are doing your baby photography session at home, you can easily feed your baby before the session. But if you are doing your photography session in the studio then, arriving at the studio before 30 minutes is preferable.


The dressing is up to you and your photographer, and you can discuss clothing with your photographer before the session. Many parents prefer to do naked photography of the baby. If you want to do it, you should change the baby’s diaper 30 minutes before the session. 

Newborn Photography price

If you don’t want to photograph your baby nude, then you should choose simple, solid-coloured clothes with no pattern. Having fewer pattern clothes is preferable because the motive of photography is to capture the baby’s beautiful face and features. If you are an amateur about all these, then without a second thought contact Bangalore photographers. Our team assist you with the best newborn baby photoshoot packages with costumes that enhance your baby’s look at the time of the photoshoot session. 

Who to hire to get the best and perfect baby photographs?

There should be an excellent team of professional photographers for a perfect baby photography session. If you live in Bangalore and need a perfect team of professional photographers, then Bangalore Photographers are the best. We never compromise with the quality and assure you of the best and perfect portraits of your special one. We can customise the newborn photography price and packages based on your budget. Call us to get your quick quote and know the newborn baby photoshoot packages in Bangalore.

Bangalore photographers are the top-rated team of photographers who provide a wide range of services such as wedding photography, pregnancy and newborn baby photography, toddler/ baby photoshoot, family reunions, fashion photography, and many more. You can contact us by visiting our main website-, or you can call us on +91 80 7373 9948.

Newborn Photography Price list:

Please find the newborn photography price list and packages in Bangalore as follows:

Basic Package Classic Package Premium Package
Rs 10,000 RS 15,000 Rs 20,000
2 hrs shoot,
2 themes
3 hrs shoot,
3 themes
3- 4 hrs shoot,
4 themes
All Soft copies
20 Edited Images
All Soft copies
30 Edited Images
All Soft copies
40 Edited Images, and
Album 9×24 – 15 Sheets


In this article, we discussed things you can do to get perfect pictures through newborn photography. These tips will help you in getting perfect pictures of newborn photography. But these tips are not only the things which will make your baby photoshoot unique; your photography skills also play an essential role. That is why it is suggested that you should hire a professional photographer. If you are not in contact with any professional photographer, contact Bangalore photographers and book your session. We offer you the best newborn photography price based on your budget and no compromise for the best newborn portraits. 



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