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Are you getting married but aren’t sure about the newest trends in Engagement photography? If so, then this article will give you ideas on the most recent photography trends, engagement photography price list, cost and photoshoot package of Bangalore.

An engagement is the mutual commitment of two individuals to marry. Getting engaged is one of the rituals performed in India before marriage. Getting engaged is a contractual promise between two people that they will marry in the future.

Engagement day is one of the most important days in a person’s life. And every important day in human history should be photographed. That is why couples who are getting married employ a team of photographers to record the day’s lovely motions.

Many individuals are now unaware of the changing and ongoing photography trends in wedding photography. It becomes necessary to understand that a wedding occurs just once in a lifetime, so one wedding must adapt to all current trends.

Latest Engagement Photography trends:

Following are some trends that are going on in engagement photography:

Drone Photography

Drone photography is nothing but a type of photography that is performed using drones. Drone photography is also known as aerial shots. Indian weddings mean a gathering of a considerable amount of guests in a huge venue.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to capture every movement which is going on in the venue. To capture all movement, drones play an important role. This is the latest trend as people become aware of the usefulness of drones, and now many photographers have also started offering drone photography services at a very nominal rate.

Monotone Photography:

You might have heard the quote “Old Is Gold” that fits with monotone photography. Monotone photography is the type of photography that is taken like normal photos only, but the difference is in the colours. Monotone photography provides black and white images. Black and white colour images have their beauty and charm. This type of photography offers a different feeling.

Phone Photography:

Phone photography has also become a massive trend in today’s weddings. Today almost every individual on the planet has a smartphone. This smartphone comes with various innovative features, and one of those features is the camera.

In today’s smartphone, you will get quality images that can beat the images captured by a DSLR. By changing some camera settings, one can get excellent photos with their smartphone camera. The best part is that no one has to purchase an expensive smartphone to get a high-quality camera. Even flagship phones come with the best cameras for getting amazing images.

Pre-engagement Photography:

Pre-engagement photography has become a trend in the past few years. Similar to this trend, there is also a trend known as pre-wedding photography. In these trends, a photo session is made by couples at different beautiful locations such as a hill point or any tourist place.

This is an optional trend that many couples follow, and many do not, so it’s all up to you. Couples have to decide a place where they want their photoshoot session. Then a team or a photographer is hired to click some fantastic and beautiful couple photos. This trend is followed to remember the life before the wedding.

Whom to hire?

If you are living in Bangalore or planning your engagement program in Bangalore, you don’t have to worry about that. Bangalore Photographers assures you of the best photography services with a team of topnotch photographers, and highly efficient types of equipment.

We are one of Bangalore’s leading Wedding Photography and Cinematography Service Providers. We cover all special events, including pre and post wedding shoots, engagements, weddings, maternity, baby showers, birthdays, family, and housewarming ceremonies, and all family and business gatherings.

You can contact Bangalore photographers to get the best work if you want any of these photography services. We also provide in-house photo studio services such as photo restoration, album design, and printing. Contact us at +91 80 7373 9948 or visit the official website https://bangalorephotographers.in/. And you can also go through our Engagement Photography Price list below, and contact us to avail the best quote based on your requirement.

Engagement Photography Price list in Bangalore:

BASIC: Rs 3000
Shoot Duration 1 Hour
Deliverables All Soft Copies (Basic Edit)
Shoot Duration 2 Hours
Deliverables All Soft Copies (Basic Edit)
PREMIUM: 12000
Shoot Duration 4 – 5 Hours
Deliverables All Soft Copies
12×30 – 15 Sheets
(100 Photos)


Hope this article is of use in providing the basic knowledge about the photography trends, photographers, engagement photography price list and packages in Bangalore.


We are always here to help you with all your photography needs. You can contact us to get quality service at a reasonable price.

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