Top 10 Best Wedding Caterers in Bangalore

Planning a wedding in Bangalore is exciting, selecting the Best wedding photographers in Bangalore and having tasty, high-quality catering is a crucial part of any wedding. If you’re in need of help for your big day, these are the top 10 Wedding caterers in Bangalore who can help make your event a special one.

Best Wedding Caterers in Bangalore:

  • Ashirwad caterers

  • Aroma wedding caterers

  • Pavithram caterers

  • Sri Mookambika caterers

  • Sri Mayyia caterers

  • Goldfinch catering

  • Sami caterers

  • Rajwadi caterers

  • Srivatsanka caterers

  • Anand Utsav caterers

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  • Ashirwad caterers:

Ashirwad Caterers is the top catering service in Bangalore! They offer a diverse selection of South Indian and North Indian dishes which can be served buffet-style or individually. Their experienced chefs create delicious meals with local ingredients so your guests will have a unique dining experience. Each menu is personalized to suit your needs, so you’re sure to have an unforgettable wedding catering experience! So They are one of the Best wedding caterers in Bangalore.

  • Aroma wedding caterers:

Aroma Wedding Caterers is another top catering service in Bangalore that offers a variety of delicious North and South Indian cuisine. They called as best wedding catering in Bangalore. From exotic starters to titillating sweets, they have a wide range of options that you can customize according to your preference. Their team of experienced chefs strives to craft vegetarian dishes with the freshest ingredients and indigenous flavors. Whether you’re looking for convenience or luxury, Aroma Wedding Caterers can ensure that your guests will have an enjoyable and memorable experience!

  • Pavithram caterers:

Pavithram Caterers is one of the most reputable caterers in Bangalore, and it has a fantastic reputation for delivering quality catering services. Taking pride in excellent customer service, they promise to take care of all your wedding needs from start to finish. They serve a range of culinary delights from various cuisines like North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental and many more. They have ample experience in providing catering services for grand-scale events with hundreds of attendees and are known for their unique hospitality and friendly staff. Their timely delivery has made them one of the most sought-after caterers in the city!

  • Sri Mookambika caterers:

Sri Mookambika Caterers is a well-known catering business in Bangalore and has been known for serving an extensive variety of menus derived from North Indian and South Indian cuisines. Mookambika caterers provide personalized services, so each dish is prepared as per the exact requirements of the occasion. Additionally, they serve Continental, Chinese, and Italian cuisine too. Their professional staff is friendly and efficient which makes them one of the top-rated caterers in the city. Their eye for detail in the presentation makes their dishes stand out!

  • Sri Mayyia caterers:

Sri Mayyia Caterers is one of the leading caterers in Bangalore, specializing in South Indian and North Indian cuisines. Not only do they provide top-notch dishes that blend tradition with modernity, but they also use fresh ingredients and adhere to high standards of hygiene while preparing their food. Their staff is friendly and accommodating, making sure all the needs of their clients are met with perfection. They take personal care in creating bespoke menus and decorating tables, ensuring each occasion is unique and memorable.

  • Goldfinch catering:

Gold Finch Catering is the premier choice for wedding caterers in Bangalore. With their knowledgeable and well-trained staff, they can offer top-notch ingredients and dishes that will delight your palate. They specialize in both traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine, along with international recipes to give your guests a wide variety of choices. Their attention to detail makes them one of the best wedding caterers around!

  • Sami caterers:

Sami Caterers specialize in Gujarati, Rajasthani, and North Indian dishes to make your wedding celebration even more memorable. Their extensive menu offerings range from starters to main courses, side dishes, and desserts. From Mutton Biryani to Moong Dal Halwa and Lal Maans – their mesmerizing flavors are sure to make your wedding an exquisite one! With a commitment to providing quality services, Sami Caterers make a great choice for your special day.

  • Rajwadi caterers:

Rajwadi Caterers offers delectable and authentic north Indian delicacies delivered with a touch of finesse while ensuring that the cuisine served is fresh and full of flavor. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options so there’s something for everyone. Rajwadi Caterers serve dishes from all over India, including Rajasthani, Gujarati, Marathi, South Indian, Chinese, traditional sweets, and much more. They have a team of experienced chefs ensuring the best quality.

  • Srivatsanka caterers:

Srivatsanka caterers specialize in authentic, regional dishes from all over India. Srivastava caterer’s services include everything from preparation to presentation and delivery, giving you a complete solution for your wedding catering needs. They have a diverse menu of delicious food, ranging from Tamilian classics like biriyani to contemporary chaat variants. Their chefs provide an all-encompassing experience with an eye for detail and creativity that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Anand Utsav caterers:

Anand Utsav Caterers is known for their exceptional and personalized catering services in Bangalore. They specialize in creating customized menus to make your wedding a memorable experience. From traditional delicacies to modern cuisine, they are sure to tantalize your taste buds and make your special day unique. Their full-service catering process includes food preparation, menu planning, and presentation, delivery of food items, setup of the buffet stations, and clean up after the event.

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