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Wedding Photographers Packages in Bangalore

Planning for a shoot and looking to know how much does wedding photography Package in Bangalore? Refer this Standard wedding photographers Price and packages offerd by Bangalore Photographers. These marriage photography charges charges will vary according to your precise needs. Fill up the form above to get exact quotes.

Rs 30000 - 60000

Package Includes

Duration4-5 hours4-5 hours
No of Sessions12
Photo Style1 Traditional1 Traditional
Video Style1 Traditional 1 Traditional
DeliverablesAll soft copies
1 Album of 30 sheets (120 Photos)
Traditional Video (Full length Video)
All soft copies
2 Album of 30 sheets (150 Photos)
Traditional Video (Full length Video)
Rs 90000 - 120000

Package Includes

Duration4-5 hrs4-5 hrs
No of Sessions23
Photo Style1 Traditional 1 Traditional + 1 Candid
Video Style1 Traditional1 Traditional
HD Live Spot Mixer11
TVs2 Tvs2 Tvs
DeliverablesAll soft copies
2 Album of 35 sheets (200 Photos)
Traditional Video(Full length Video)
All soft copies
2 Album of 35 sheets (200 Photos)
Traditional Video (Full length Video)
Rs 160000 - 190000

Package Includes

Shoot Duration4-5 hrs4-5 hrs
No of Sessions22
Photo Style1 Traditional + 1 Candid1 Traditional + 1 Candid
Video style1 Traditional + 1 Candid1 Traditional + 1 Candid
HD Live Spot Mixer11
TVs2 Tvs2 Tvs
LED Wall01 (6x8)
Live Streaming01
DeliverablesAll soft copies
3 Album of 35 sheets (200 Photos)
Traditional Video (Full length Video)
Teaser + Cinematic Video
All soft copies
3 Album of 35 sheets (200 Photos)
Traditional Video (Full length Video)
Teaser + Cinematic Video

What say clients?

Hire Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore

Wedding Photographers in Bangalore

Your wedding in Bangalore deserves a Bangalore photographer who’s an ideal fit. We toil hard to showcase and commemorate the phenomenal marriage photography of our countrywide members. We love articulating stories through our wedding shoot photos. Every couple is unique & every wedding tells a unique story, and we like being part of it. Wedding photography is a blend of documentary and fine art, and we think it's an exceptional counterbalance! Team Bangalore Photographers' technique reflects the soul of each marriage occasion - with affection, laughter, and candid bliss glowing through in our photographs. A combination of traditional photography and candid photography for a wedding is always a perfect choice. However, you guys can always design your package according to your choice.

Wedding Photography Bangalore / Photographers for Wedding in Bangalore

The big Indian wedding is much more than expected. It includes luxurious premises, lavish decorations, beautiful celebrations, traditional clothing, and amazing settings. All these may remain unnoticed if not photographed. It is thus important to hire an expert or top wedding photographers in Bangalore. The professional photographer can help capture the best snaps for the grand day.

A professional photographer can help get the best services for wedding photography in Bangalore. There are many Photographers for wedding in Bangalore. The Bangalore Photographers is a specialized centre that could help capture wedding photos in style. The photographers here can ensure to provide customized and tailor-made photos and albums as per the necessities of the clients. Check the best photography package for wedding before booking.

Wedding Photography Services by Bangalore Photographers

The wedding photography services with Bangalore Photographers include tons of services for Wedding Photography, some of these services included in wedding photography packages are:
1. Candid Photography – A beautiful Indian bride may look charming even in her candid poses. Wedding photographers also focus on candid wedding photography that may include photos for even the most candid moments.
2. Traditional Photography – The traditional Indian wedding includes luxurious settings, traditional dresses, and beautiful jewellery. Professional wedding photographers in Bangalore can help take photographs of all these so that friends and family get a detailed view of everything about the marriage later.
3. Pre wedding Photoshoots – Couples can also plan pre wedding photo shoots just before the wedding day and a glimpse of these photo shoots can be shown as a slide show on the reception day. This is often included in wedding photography Bangalore at an additional cost.
4. Albums – Marriage photographers Bangalore also ensures to provide the best album services with wedding day photography so that friends and family can revive the auspicious marriage moments even after many years of the wedding day.
5. Candid Video – Candid video is professional way of storytelling for the couple who are marrying each other. In this form of video some relative or friend can demonstrate the story of the bride and groom. A professional photographer can help in this service providing best and unique candid videos.
6. Traditional Video - Wedding photographer in Bangalore also provides other wedding photography services including the traditional ideography. This is done with the help of video camera to capture every moment of the marriage in the video format.
7. Selfie Booth – Selfies is the most common trend these days, you can also ask the Bangalore Photographers to add some beautiful selfie booth on the wedding premises for the guest coming to the wedding. One can check wedding photography costs for various services in the wedding package.
8. Drone Shoot – The drones fly on the top of the marriage venue to ensure that every moment is covered on the day of the wedding. Drone photography is the best way to cover the complete marriage. Check wedding photography price packages to know the exact costs of these services.

What is the cost of wedding photographers?

The Marriage Photography price may vary depending upon the services you choose. Some of the wedding packages include all the services mentioned above. The other basic services included only wedding photography along with albums. You can contact us for best wedding photography package in Bangalore. One can enquire about the price by finding wedding photographers near me.

Why Bangalore Photographers for wedding photography?

When looking for the best wedding photographers in Bangalore services, it is essential to hire only professional photographers from Bangalore Photographers. The company offers amazing wedding photography and video services. The creative wedding photography of the company focuses on creating timeless memories for the married couple to cherish for a lifetime.

We have professional photographers available at affordable wedding photoshoot prices. Bangalore Photographers also offer best Marriage photography package in Bangalore. We are one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore. The professionals offer the finest and the most stylish wedding photography services. The result of the marriage photography is clean, creative, fashionable, and crisp. So if you are searching for Best Photographers for wedding in Bangalore, Contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seeking for the best wedding photographer near me?
If you are in Karnataka and searching for the best wedding photographer near you, then you can contact Bangalore photographers for the best wedding photography services. You can visit our website or call us to get more information and swift quotation.
Is it possible to receive wedding photography packages over Whatsapp or Email?
Yes, We can provide you the wedding photoshoot packages through Email or Whatsapp. You can call us at +91 80737 39948.
I'm looking for packages that include both a wedding photographer and a videographer. Do you provide them?
Yes, we do provide all types of wedding photography services in Bangalore, Karnataka. We have standard and premium packages. Our Wedding photoshoot premium package includes cinematic videos like save the date, 3 to 5 mins videos, drone shoots for the wedding.
Do you have options for album printing?
Yes, we do provide a wide range of album printing services. We have around 25+ different wedding album printing styles. To know more about our services and products you can contact us at +91 80737 39948 or visit our website.
How much does a wedding photographer cost in Bangalore?
The Wedding Photographer Cost in Bangalore depends on the quality of service you have taken. There are many types of qualities in wedding services like Basic, Classic, and Premium type of services. The Basic package price starts from 30000. And the premium package price goes up to 190000. You can contact Bangalore Photographers for the Best Wedding Photography. Visit our website or call us at 8073739948 to know more…
What is the wedding shoot price offered by Bangalore Photographers? And how much does wedding photography cost?
The wedding shoot price may vary depending on the types of services you opt for, such as the photography style, number of sessions, Album Printing quality etc. However our wedding photography cost varies between Rs. 30000 and 190000. We request you to fill up the form above to get the customized wedding photography packages.
What are the services provided by wedding photographers in Bangalore?
Bangalore photographers provide Professional Photographers and videographers for Weddings. We have the best cinematographers on our team. Our wedding package consists of Traditional and candid photos and videos, Drone shoots for weddings & we deliver quality wedding albums. We are identified as one of the Best wedding photographers in Bangalore. For more information about Wedding packages, contact us.
who is the best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore?
If you are looking for the Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore, contact Bangalore Photographers today. Our Wedding Packages start from 30000. Contact us today for more information.

Wedding Photographers in Bangalore

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